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2024 1st Quarter

Automobile Deduction and Benefit Rates, Working From Home Expenses and Canada Dental Care Plan (CDCP).


Capital Gains Inclusion Rate: Proposed Increase, Motor Vehicle Allowances: Carpooling and Short-Term Rentals

2023 Third QUARTER

Multigenerational Home Renovation Tax
Credit, Crypto Currency, Tax Tidbits and more.

2023 Fourth QUARTER

CEBA Repayment Deadline Extended, Employment Insurance: Misconduct and more.



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Important Bulletins

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NEW Underused Housing Tax

Information about the newly enacted Underused Housing Tax (UHT) implementation.

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16 FEBRUARY 2023

CRA Authorization Process

Instructions to setup a CRA My Account - Get detailed instructions on how to set up Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) My Account for individuals/businesses.

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22 NOVEMBER 2022

2023 Combined Federal and Alberta Tax Rates

Federal and Alberta Personal and Corporate Tax Rates - Get tax rates on regular income, dividends, capital gains and interest rates.

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20 NOVEMBER 2022